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November 2014

To Our Newport Township Residents:

I hope all of you are doing well and are looking forward to the upcoming holiday season.

This year is going by very quickly, and we have accomplished several things that I was hoping to accomplish.

First was the completion of the road work on Mill Creek Road and Dilleys Road. This was completed by the contractor, Payne & Dolan, and they did their work very well.  I want to thank those that live along this corridor for their patience.  The work was started later than we had hoped due to the extended rainy season, but it didn’t stop them from doing a great job in the end.

We were also able to continue our Intergovernmental Agreements with the Newport Fire District, the Village of Wadsworth, and the Village of Old Mill Creek. It works out for everyone involved to keep as much of the work and dollars as possible within our township.

Due to the hiring of a trained mechanic when I came into office, we have also been able to do all of our own minor mechanical and all of our own maintenance on our equipment. This has made a big difference in keeping up with our equipment needs, and being able to put off any major equipment purchases for now.

We have been preparing our equipment, have already received this year’s salt supply, and are ready to hit it hard once winter starts. I have been meeting with the Village of Wadsworth, and we have our routes ready for our guys that are shared with the Village. Now we just need the snow!!

One of the most important events that happened was when you, the voters, came out and voted in September to bring back our Permanent Road Tax (commonly called the Gravel Tax). THANK YOU! This, and balancing the budget, is the main reason that our Township will be able to survive for many years to come. When I was elected into office, I did not understand why the Gravel Tax didn’t exist anymore. I’m still not 100% sure why it was voted out, other than for some reason there was an excess amount in the fund; but no matter how much excess there is, it won’t last forever. I do know that you cannot repave roads, repair roads, and maintain your roads without some type of funding coming in.

The tax was voted back in at .167% of current E.A.V. (estimated assessed valuation). I was hoping that we could levy for less than that this year, but due to the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (the “Tax Cap”), if we do not levy for the Gravel Tax this year, we cannot add it next year. To be able to balance our budget so that our funds are only funded with the amount of money we need, plus a percentage extra for unforeseen circumstances, we need the levy I have estimated and asked for. Our estimated levy is posted on the web site for you to look over.

The Township has collected less money over the last two years than it collected in the past, and we have made every effort to operate economically. After the sticker shock, I am hoping you can get past the new amount of taxes that you will see next year. Between the Town Levy and the Road District Levy, the new amount is approximately $281.40 per $100,000 E.A.V.

This works out to be approximately $18.45 per month per $100,000 E.A.V. more than last year’s taxes of approximately $5.00 per month per $100,000 E.A.V. I understand that this may seem scary, and I don’t want my taxes going up either; but due to the situation that I was voted into, this is the only way, for now, to balance out our funds with the need to keep your roads safe. When the funds were previously no longer levied, it may have helped some of your taxes go down; but this was just a temporary fix, commonly called “a Band-Aid fix.” The only thing it accomplished was to cause the Township to begin a spiral toward eventual non-existence. Thank you for helping us stop that detrimental trend.

We hope that all of you, including the constituents who don’t believe in Township Government, understand that if the Township did dissolve, that whatever form of government takes over, you will most likely not be their priority in maintaining your roads, plowing your roads, keeping your roads up to date.  The taxes you pay for your Township may be gone, but in their place you will now be paying the taxes of the government that takes over; an amount that will be most likely more than ours.We also hope that all of you will have patience with your upcoming tax bill this year. We will go forward with balancing the budget as our primary concern. We, too, want to help you out with lowering your taxes in the future; but we want to do it in such a way that the Township can still operate and serve all of you with your roadway and other needs.

As always, if you would like to discuss any concerns or ideas you may have, please contact me at 847-812-9546, or email me via the link below. Again, I also appreciate the “Good Job” comments some of you have been giving our guys. Thank you, and have a safe holiday season.

Rodger Edmonds - Newport Township Highway Commissioner
Telephone: (847) 812-9546
Email: Highway Department

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